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For companies

There are many ways in which companies can help. Please consider our proposals below and get in touch. You may have your own ideas on how you can help.

A partnership with LAPA can provide huge benefits to you and your company including:

  1. Helping your company achieve CSR objectives (Corporate Social Responsibility) which will promote staff AND your customer loyalty.
  2. Getting your colleagues motivated at work and feeling inspired by giving something good to society.

Examples of what you can do:

  1. Make corporate donations to our specific projects or for LAPA's activities generally – please go to "Donate money" page or contact us if you wish to discuss you donation plan with us. Contact Us
  2. You can donate your goods or services to us depending on the nature of your business and whether you are in the UK or Russia. For example, pet products, cleaning products, advertising space or billboards, washing machines (if donated in Moscow or Ekaterinburg). If you are a publishing business, we would like an opportunity to have an article or press release being published about us.
  3. Organise a corporate fundraising event – please go to our "Fundraise" page for more details or contact us if you wish to discuss how to organise your corporate fundraising event.
  4. Place our collection box at your business premises so that your employees, colleagues, customers can donate to LAPA. Please contact us to request a collection box.
  5. Raise awareness about LAPA's work by making our leaflets or poster available and clearly visible to your colleagues and customers in your office/business premises. Please contact us to request our leaflets/poster.
  6. Include our trustees on your mailing list to attend your networking events so that we can raise awareness about LAPA's work and meet potential supporters and sponsors. We would appreciate if attendance at your proposed events was free of charge.






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