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Depending on your profession and a skill set there are many ways in which you can help. Below are some examples. Please think about it and get in touch to discuss how you can help.

Examples of how you can volunteer your professional time and skills:

  1. If you are an IT expert, you could volunteer some of your time to assist us with inevitable IT issues we may come across.
  2. If you are a journalist, you could help us raise awareness about LAPA by assisting with our PR campaign.
  3. If you are a vet in Russia, you could do some pro bono work in your local area to help LAPA's causes. If you are a vet in Russia or England, you can write an article for us. We have a selection of topics available, so please get in touch to discuss.
  4. If you are a photographer, you can help us with our PR campaign and preparation of some items for our gift shop (this is a project which we will start working on later this year 2013).
  5. If you are an accountant, you can help us with the preparation of our accounts, whether in the UK or in Russia.
  6. You can form a LAPA support group in your local area, with your friends or work colleagues in order to raise awareness about LAPA, fundraise and collect and deliver to us donations of items (see "Donate items" section)





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