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More travellers arriving in Florida!

ALYONA, CHOCOLATE and SPOT have arrived in Orlando! They were met at Orlando International by Nikki and taken to the ARNI Foundation, where they were given a nice dinner and are now fast asleep after their 5700 mile flight. We bet they will be happy when they wake up tomorrow to some Florida sunshine and a good run around the ARNI grounds. A big THANK YOU to all of LAPA's supporters. Without your donations, these gorgeous Sochi dogs would never have made it out of Russia.

The LUCKY13 (the 13 puppies orphaned near Fisht Stadium) are still in Sochi, forever growing. Next week they will be old enough to travel and will embark on their own journey to Orlando.

Saving these dogs has been expensive not only in monetary terms, but also on time. The logistics involved are very difficult but we wouldn't have it any other way! If you would like to donate your time or make a monetary donation, please see our website for information on our projects, how to donate, and a little bit about the people behind LAPA.

Chocolate Spot and Alyona arriving in Florida small

What Your Donation Buys

  • £5

    £5 BUYS:

    Worm treatment for
    a cat or a dog

  • £10

    £10 BUYS:

    Vaccination of
    a cat or a dog

  • £25

    £25 BUYS:

    Sterilisation of one cat
    in regional Russia

  • £50

    £50 BUYS:

    Sterilisation of one dog
    in regional Russia

  • £100

    £100 BUYS:

    Sterilisation of one dog
    or two cats in Moscow



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